Corporate Governance Health Check

ICD’s Corporate Governance Health Check provides a quality review of a company’s governance practices relative to global best practices.

  • It helps companies that are preparing for an Initial Public Offering to identify which corporate governance capabilities need improvement and suggests solutions.
  • It helps family businesses as well as established corporations set strong foundations for sustainable growth through enhanced corporate governance policies and procedures.

The CG Health Check is based on the ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard (ACGS) which measures the following:

  • rights of shareholders
  • equitable treatment
  • role of stakeholders
  • disclosure and transparency
  • board responsibilities

The CG Health Check employs modified versions of the ACGS according to company types: publicly-listed companies, government-owned or –controlled corporations, or family-owned businesses.

The adoption of good corporate governance practices – the ultimate goal of the CG Health Check -- leads to better strategic business decisions and higher investor confidence.