Business Integrity is a one-day course that presents strategic and practical approaches in addressing growing risks to business integrity. The course will tackle American and British compliance requirements related to corruption practices and bribery, as well as the renewed drive against money laundering in the Philippines.


In addition to certificates of attendance issued by ICD, participants will also receive certificates that they have attended Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) compliant training.


COURSE FEE: PhP 13,600.00 Nett

TIME: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM



    Participants may qualify for a 5% Early Bird Payment discount, if payment have reached ICD 2 weeks prior the event

    You qualify for a 5% discount if you are referred by a named ICD member

    Group of 3 or more qualifies for 5% discount if booked and paid together

You may deposit your course fee through a Bills Payment Facility to any Unionbank Branch of the Philippines.




·         Philippine companies that handle transactions with American counterparts


·         Companies seeking to develop their business integrity programs


·         US and UK companies doing businesses in the Philippines



By the end of the workshop, participants are expected to have a better understanding of:


·         Capability-building through the establishment of effective compliance programs.


·         Risk-avoidance measures that can be implemented through transactional and intermediary due diligence.


·         Risk-transfer mechanisms that will serve as a practical way of making intermediaries and associates adhere to the relevant compliance practices.

  • I. The Business Case for Integrity
    1. How Corruption Affects Us
    2. The Concept of Corruption
    3. The Business Case Against Corruption
    4. Acting Against Corruption
    5. The Growing International Movement Against Corruption
    6. Points to Ponder
  • Overview: Philippine Laws
    1. Corruption in Daily Life
    2. Constitutional Mandates on Public Integrity
    3. Core Philippine Anti-Corruption Legislation
    4. Other Relevant Legislation
    5. Institutional Safeguards
    6. Proactively Addressing Corruption
  • Orientation: US FCPA
    1. Spotting FCPA Red Flags
    2. The FCPA and You
    3. The FCPA's Anti-Bribery Provisions
    4. The FCPA's Accounting Provisions
    5. Drafting an FCPA-Compliant Anti-Corruption Policy
    6. Creating a Credible Foundation for Compliance
  • UKBA Compliance Program
    1. Four offences in the UK Bribery Act
    2. Implications for Companies, Board, and Management
    3. Extra-territorial Reach
    4. Foreign Companies Operating in the UK
    5. Differences between UKBA and FCPA
    6. Six Principles for an effective UKBA Compliance Program
    7. Examples of "Red Flags"
    8. High Cost of Non-Compliance
    9. UK Introduces Deferred Prosecution Agreements: Rolls Royce is first major recipient of a DPA
  • Setting-up FCPA Compliance Program
    1. Comprehensively Safeguarding Business Integrity
    2. 10 Hallmarks of Effective FCPA Compliance Program
    3. Developing an FCPA Compliance Program
    4. Planning Effective FCPA Compliance
Independent Governance and Anti Bribery Consultant