A large portion of the Philippine private sector is composed of family-owned and/or controlled corporations (FOCC). Over time, these FOCCs face unique issues regarding corporate governance.


ICD aims to help FOCCs address these issues through the Family Business Governance course - a two-day seminar for family members, directors, key officers, and other stakeholders of family businesses.


*ICD requires three (3) Representatives of the family business, to ensure successful implementation of the program.


COURSE FEE: PhP 56,000.00 Nett per group of three (3)
TIME: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


    Participants may qualify for a 5% Early Bird Payment discount, if payment have reached ICD 2 weeks prior the event

    You qualify for a 5% discount if you are referred by a named ICD member

    Group of 3 or more qualifies for 5% discount if booked and paid together


    ICD strongly suggests that at least three (3) representatives of the family business attend the course to ensure    successful implementation of the concepts and framework presented in the program.

    Founders and family members of family-owned and controlled businesses seeking sustainability through corporate    governance framework.

    Entrepreneurs interested in corporate governance structures and best practices the promote business    



    Understand the importance of corporate governance

    Adopt a comprehensive family business governance framework

    Sustainably develop a successful family business across successive generations

    Draft a family charter

  • I. Fundamentals of Family Business Governance
    1. Special Challenges of FOCCs
    2. Dimension 1: Stakeholder Perspectives
    3. Dimension 2: Core Governance Values
    4. Dimension 3: Governance Pathway
    5. Conclusion: Adopting a Comprehensive FOCC Governance Framework
  • Effective Stewardship of Family Councils & Corporate Boards
    1. Developmental Stages of a Family Business
    2. Successfully Addressing Ownership Stages (Lansberg 1999)
    3. Effective Corporate Boards and Family Councils in a Family Business (Lansberg 1999)
    4. Workshop
  • Family Succession Planning & Leadership Development
    1. Developing Successors in the Family Business (Davis 1988)
    2. Letting Go (Lansberg 1999)
    3. Taking Charge (Lansberg 2007)
    4. Workshop
  • Effective Family Charters, Policies, and Protocols
    1. Drafting the Family Charter
    2. Illustrative Business Family Governance System
    3. Governance Application Exercise
    4. Workshop