The Corporate Secretary as Corporate Governance Professional program examines the powers, duties, role, and value of Corporate Secretaries in an organization. The course presents the basic principles, importance and benefits of modern corporate governance and reforms to global, regional, and local initiatives.

DATE: August 1 - 2, 2018 (Wednesday & Thursday)
COURSE FEE: PhP 24,000.00 Nett
VENUE: Makati Diamond Residences, Makati
TIME: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


    Participants may qualify for a 5% Early Bird Payment discount, if payment have reached ICD 2 weeks prior the event

    You qualify for a 5% discount if you are referred by a named ICD member

    Group of 3 or more qualifies for 5% discount if booked and paid together



By the end of the seminar, the participants will be able to:

·         Explain the corporate secretary’s role as well as its key activities and qualifications in the corporate governance framework.

·         Define and explain the key principles and elements of good corporate governance systems and the skills needed to manage relationships within it.

·         Describe the structures of a secretariat and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of having an in-house corporate secretary.

·         Explain the part of the corporate secretary in preparing before, during and after a meeting, including answering the most frequently asked questions about being a corporate secretary.

·         Identify good practices, processes and procedures for corporate secretaries and the role, skills, and techniques needed to conduct effective board meetings and annual general meeting of shareholders.

·         Draft minutes and develop an action log in line with best practices.

  • I. The Corporate Secretary: The Corporate Governance Professional
    1. Powers, Duties, and Responsibilities
    2. Qualities of a Corporate Secretary
    3. Role of a Corporate Secretary
  • II. The Corporate Secretary: Foundations of the Jobs
    1. Key Roles and Qualifications of a Corporate Secretary
    2. Essence of the CS Position in a Corporate Governance System
    3. Key Duties of a Corporate Secretary
    4. Structures of a Corporate Secretariat
    5. In-House or External Corporate Secretary
  • The Corporate Secretary: Effective Board Meetings
    1. Preparing for Meetings
    2. Roles at a Board Meeting
    3. During Board Meetings
    4. Minutes of a Meeting
    5. Roles of a Corporate Secretary After a Board Meeting
    6. Best Practices
  • The Corporate Secretary: Role at Annual General Meeting
    1. Best Practices for Annual General Meetings (AGMs)
    2. Before an AGM
    3. Proxy Issues
    4. Coordination with Other Key Officers
    5. Material Preparations
    6. AGM Proper
    7. Director Selection and Appointment